Amazing Roof Transformations – Roof Restoration Care Guide

How a simple roof clean can transform your home

Though there is nothing more pleasing to the eye than a glossy, full coloured restored roof, we cannot stress enough on the importance of caring and maintaining your painted roof!

The harsh effects of the sun, mixed with all kinds of contaminants in the air contribute to the build up on your tiles or metal sheets, resulting in a discolouration of the surface over the years.

If not cleaned away regularly, you could find that contaminants damage the restoration, wasting precious money spent by unnecessarily shortening of the lifespan of the work.

The longer you leave your car without washing it, the more dirt builds up on the surface and stops the shine coming through, the same can be said for your roof! Yes, we know it rains, but your roof is exposed to everything from bird and bat poo, dust from roadworks or other construction, leaves and other debris from trees, or even salt water (for those of you in coastal environments!).

After a roof restoration, we recommend getting us back to clean your roof at least every 4 to 5 years to ensure that your coating is kept clean and looking it’s best!

The importance of caring for your roof
We recently had a client who called us approximately six years after we finished their roof with a concern that the colour had significantly faded and dulled. Peter attended their residence to find that there was a very large buildup of dirt on the surface (as you can see in the pictures below), most likely caused by dirt travelling from highway upgrades not too far away.

The pictures above highlight the amazing transformation a thorough clean can make to the appearance of the roof. What was thought to be a dulling of the tiles was in fact a simple case of surface contamination. A clean can fix this up with immediate and stunning results!

How roof painting can fade

Just like the outside walls of a house, a roof is continuously exposed to the elements, even more so to forces such as rain, dust and other airborne contaminants, which settle directly onto the surface. The roof is also directly exposed to the sun for lengthy periods of time throughout the day. Your roof is your protection against these elements, and it takes a serious beating. Like any kind of maintenance, roof cleaning should be a regular activity as there are several benefits to routinely having a roof cleaned.

Firstly, roof cleaning removes any moss & algae to expose the new protective layer over the surface of the tiles or sheets, potentially lengthening the life of the roof by the addition of this protection as moss contains moisture which can damage a roof. Secondly, the appearance of the roof is made new again, brightening the colour and adding shine. The house will look better, and the cleaning may add value pre-sale.

In some cases a full roof painting may be necessary as neglect may have gone too far over the years and damaged the roof tiles with some needing replacement and a new protective coat of paint to protect against the elements.

Like a car, a properly and regularly maintained roof will last significantly longer than one that is not tended to, saving you money, time and hassle in the long run.

Can you clean your roof by yourself?

In some cases it’s possible & there are tasks you can do regularly to maintain your roof like cleaning your gutters from leaves and debris, when it comes to cleaning a roof properly, not only is there a danger involved due to heights but there is also special equipment needed to do a thorough job, whilst the short term quick clean may help with keeping your roof reasonably clean, a once off every 4-5 years by a professional is highly recommended to get your roof back to the original protective layer.

If you feel your roof is in need of a clean & maintenance, give us a call Today on 07 31713929, we’re happy to provide a thorough inspection and provide a no obligation quote for any repairs or restorations.