House Washing

Benefits of House Washing & What Signs to Look for?

Aussies love spending money on their homes, in fact according to recent studies, the average household spends somewhere around a 3rd of our earnings on our homes. That’s a MASSIVE chunk of our income! So, it certainly makes sense to look after one of our most important investments, the family home.

A nice and clean home exterior has multiple benefits like protecting your family from allergens like pollen and mould, by cleaning and removing moss, algae and insects you can be assured of protecting your most valuable investment and insuring you maintain good family health.

Other benefits can include increasing the pre-sale value of the home by enhancing the appearance of the existing paint work or cleaning the exterior before painting. Whatever the reason may be for an external house clean, the multiple benefits are undeniable.

I’m sure you’re aware of the importance of cleaning the exterior of your home and have some idea about high pressure cleaning, but what’s all this new talk about soft washing and what exactly is it?

“Soft washing is the process of applying special cleaning detergents to the exterior of the house at low pressure and cleaning the solution and any contaminants off the surface with a low-pressure stream of clean filtered water”.


What are some of the top benefits of Soft House Washing?

  1. Low pressure reduces chances for water damage and penetration into the house structure.
  2. A safer and cleaner end product due to cleaning agents.
  3. Algae and Mould are killed at a molecular level which leaves it hygienic and clean for longer periods.
  4. The exterior of the structure is disinfected as well as cleaned.
  5. Water conservation means less water is used and needed compared to high pressure cleaning.


What’s the difference between Soft Washing vs Pressure Cleaning?

Sometimes we need to use pressure, it’s different on a job to job basis, but a few reasons we may use high pressure cleaning could be for concrete driveways, pathways, roofs or paver’s.

However, when it comes to dealing with an external wall, the dangers of chipping brickwork or peeling paint increase exponentially, which is why we use cleaning solutions to break down all surface contaminants with specialised soft water blasters, leaving the surface clean, new, un-chipped and unbroken.

What are the indicators you need a Soft House Wash?

  1. The obvious first indicator would be mould or dirt stains on walls, eaves or gutters. Mould can be a health hazard so it’s important to get on top of it before it gets on top of you.
  2. Dark patches due to pollution from nearby busy roads, sometimes grime can accumulate over the years and darken the colour of your walls.

How we wash and protect at the same time.

Our special soft wash system is comprised of multiple water and hose types, which cleans without harsh pressure and no damage to existing paint and coatings.

The initial spray is a custom solution from an Australian supplier which breaks down mould and dirt’s, we then use a soft head extendable broom to remove harsh stains/marks.

Finally we rinse with filtered water and leave it to air dry with the end result being a nice clean surface free of harmful mould and dirt, plus a renewed new clean look.

Soft Wash and Pressure Cleaning Brisbane

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