Can you spot the early warning signs of tile roof damage?

Why maintaining your tile roof is so important.

When we talk about tile roof maintenance, it can mean many different things, from cleaning leaves out of your gutters, to checking for rust on gutters or checking for cracked tiles. There are so many parts to your roof and if something goes amiss, water may just find a way into your home when the next lot of rain comes around.

We’ve decided to put together some handy tips which will help you to maintain the health & longevity of your roof, as the saying goes “The biggest problem in the world could have been solved when it was small”. Here’s a few things you can do before those small problems become big.

Brisbane roof maintenance tips from PJ

  1. Keep gutters clean, clear and always check for rust: (This simple task can add years to your gutter’s life & save you loads of dollars down the track, Your gutters need to be kept clear of leaves and other debris so that water can easily flow into down pipes, otherwise blockages occur and not only do you have the risk of water backing into the roof cavity, but you could be allowing your gutters to deteriorate and start to rust out quicker than usual).
  2. Check roof caps and tiles for cracks, damage or missing sections: (This ones a pretty important one as your tiles may become cracked and dislodge, your ridge capping may break and re-position leaving parts of your roof open to the elements. A simple crack could allow moisture and water damage in to your home).
  3. Look for leaks and dark spots on the ceiling during rain: (One way to tell if you have a leak in your roof is the appearance of dark spots on your ceiling, the most common culprit is a cracked or faulty tile, it could also be blocked gutters causing water to back in to the roof cavity).
  4. Remove any roof debris especially after storms: (This could be a health hazard, the last thing you want is for some debris to fly off on a windy day and to injure someone, another problem is it may rot and cause more damage to your guttering. It’s always a good idea to check for damage after storms).
  5. Check for signs of Fungus or Algae: Moss usually builds up over years, it contains moisture which can speed up rust and a host of other problems. As a part of general roof maintenance, It’s important to keep your roof tiles performing to their optimum by having them checked and cleaned by a professional.

Here’s an Info-Graphic with helpful tips on maintaining your roof.

In summary, there are many things you can do to keep your roof in good order for a long time. A few more simple things you could do are:

  • Check your roof for damage after storms
  • Inspect tiles for cracks as sometimes cracks can be hidden under moss (best to check after cleaning)
  • Clean your gutters, remove leaves & all debris
  • Get a professional to clean any moss or algae

Most people tend to neglect their roofs which is when we’re usually called in to help solve the problem.

If cleaning and maintaining your roof isn’t your thing or if you feel your roof is in need of repair & maintenance, give us a call Today on 07 31713929, we’re happy to provide a thorough inspection and provide a no obligation quote for repairs or restoration.

We have been maintaining roofs across Brisbane for over 35 years and pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible customer experience.