From Primitive to Palatial: Watch this man Create Roof Tiles by hand

Our homes are the places we retreat to after a hard day’s work or play. They are our own comfortable spaces where we are free to do what we want.

Everybody has their own idea of what comfort is and because of this there are an infinite number of styles, shapes and sizes of houses. Despite this, one thing is for sure: in order to maintain our comfort, we must maintain our homes.

After the initial completion of a home, everything is brand new and in tip top shape. Over time our homes need maintenance in the form of roof restoration of terracotta roof tiles or metal roofingpainting, clearing and restoring guttering etc.

It’s an ongoing job, and one that should be undertaken regularly in order to save on the cost of maintenance and other costs such as energy bills and water damage due to inadequate insulation or water leakage.

Home-Made Termite Clay Roof Shingles Fired in Outdoor Primitive Kiln

We thought It’d be a good idea to talk about the different types of roofing available and to even share a video on what some people are doing. It’s amazing what can be achieved if one put’s their mind to it, the video below is testament to that!

It shows a young man who lives up in far North Queensland building a hut with roof tiles completely made out of natural raw materials, hes even built his own kiln out of termite clay to fire up his own home made termite clay roof shingles.

Watch the the impressive Hut & Roof Tiles video below:

Here’s what the resourceful young man had to say about the Roofing in the Primitive Project:

“I built a hut with a tiled roof, under floor heating and mud and stone walls. This has been my most ambitious primitive project yet and was motivated by the scarcity of permanent roofing materials in this location.”

“Here, palm thatch decays quickly due to the humidity and insects. Having some experience in making pottery I wondered if roof tiles could feasibly be made to get around these problems. Another advantage of a tiled is that it is fire proof.”


Home Made Termite Clay Roof Tiles

“A wood fired, under floor heating system was installed for cold weather. A substantial wall of mud and stone were built under the finished roof. It should be obvious that this is not a survival shelter but a project used to develop primitive technological skills.”

The resourceful young man in the video above has made himself a home from scratch using mud and stone walls and home-made terracotta roof tiles. He demonstrates the usefulness of terracotta tiles as a roofing material: they are tough, durable, waterproof, fireproof and are a pleasing visual addition to any home.

Apart from Terracotta Tiles some of the other types of roofing materials used can be:

  • Metal Roofing
  • Thatch (popular in European countries)

In summary:

Not everyone can go out for the weekend to dig up trenches of termite clay to make their own tiles fired up in their home made kiln.

At PJ Group in Brisbane, we use slightly more modern techniques to create tiles which are made by top suppliers in Australia, our roofs have a guarantee to last through all the elements! For more information Contact Us.

We think its fantastic work they’re doing over at Primitive Technology where this video & quotes came from. If you want to read more in depth about this amazing primitive hut building project.

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