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Insulation – An Essential for all Homes and Home Additions

When considering a roof extension it is important to not only decide on product materials and colour, but also to factor into your budget the need for insulation.

To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and excessive use of valuable resources, energy efficient building standards were introduced in Australia on 1 September 2003. This was to ensure a home’s heating and cooling systems were managed more effectively.

All new home applications and additions must be submitted to the local authority with an Energy Efficiency Report detailing insulation, lighting and other measures taken to reduce energy use.

As 40% of a home’s energy use goes towards heating and cooling this equates to reduced running costs of such items as heaters and air conditioners. In winter a home can lose 42% of its heat through an uninsulated roof and 28% through uninsulated walls. By insulating the ceiling and wall cavities a saving of up to 70% can be achieved.

Under the current building code, new homes constructed in Queensland or existing homes which have significant additions must satisfy a 6 star energy rating. This equates to an R4.1 energy rating for the roof and ceiling and R2.8 for the walls.

Bradford’s Gold Ceiling Batts and Gold High Performance Ceiling Batts range are manufactured using a unique low allergen, non-hazardous, bio-soluble formulation. Each batt is composed of a criss-cross of fibres which form tiny air cells.

These amazing batts slow down the transfer of heat through ceilings and walls. The thicker the batt the higher it’s rating and the lower transfer. Bradford’s Gold High Performance Batts rates range from R1.5 to R6.0. They are also guaranteed for the life of the home.

Selecting a Professional Contractor

It is absolutely essential to employ a reliable and experienced contractor to complete all roofing repairs and installation with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Someone who guarantees all work carried out. Someone who you can rely upon to not cut corners.

This modern era dictates maximum safety for all workers. As such it is crucial to ensure all workplace health and safety requirements are satisfied.

Established 30 years ago, roofing specialist, PJ Group Qld are well versed in all aspects of roof repairs, replacements and extensions to tile and Colourbond steel systems. They are also able to supply and install Bradford Gold Batts thus allowing you and your family complete comfort when it’s needed.

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