Roof Sarking and Blankets

What is roof sarking or roof blanket and why do I need it?

When your home is built, you may (or may not) have roof sarking designed for tiled roofs or metal roof blanket installed before the roof is laid down, which, although not mandatory, is strongly recommended by roofing professionals.

Tile Roofs

Sarking, also known as sisalation paper, is an important feature for tile roofs to keep water out of your home, with many sarking brands also increasing the R rating value in reducing heat. Tile roof sarking is a thin paper/foil that is laid across the roof from large rolls, and secured by tile battens screwed in over the top. The purpose for this material is to be a secondary barrier against water entering the roof cavity. It is also useful for keeping dirt and dust out of the roof cavity.

Unfortunately in a big storm, high wind speeds can cause roof tiles to lift and allow water to run upwards underneath the tiles, and without roof sarking, the water will enter the roof cavity. With sarking installed, the water will hit it, and roll down into the gutter, instead of your home.

PJ Group (and most other roofing professionals) will recommend that your roof is checked every 4-5 years. Occasionally in between roof checks a roof tile could break, allowing water to flow into the roof during rainy weather if the roof doesn’t have sarking under the tiles.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are, in most instances, installed or replaced with a roof blanket or foil under the metal sheets, the same as tile roofs have sarking. However with a metal roof, although they will protect against condensation, a blanket or foil is designed more for acoustic and thermal protection.

You can have a roof blanket or foil, depending on your preference and price range. Roof blankets come in different thicknesses, most with a foil facing, however the thinner foil products can be slightly more expensive but assist more with heat reduction.

Whether tile or metal, our group of experienced roofers can assist you with installation or replacement of your roof sarking, blanket or foil.