The Importance of Cleaning & Maintaining your Roof Guttering

How Best To Maintain Your Roof Guttering

You may recognise that sickening sound after heavy rain starts in, the slosh and splash of water going where it shouldn’t go. Perhaps you’ve scrambled to divert water after it has sluiced over the guttering and almost drowned the roses, or discovered that leaves blocking the gutters has caused a pool of water and now it’s getting into the roof or the basement. Gutters are the parts of the house we often don’t give much thought to, until something goes wrong. That’s why regular cleaning of the guttering in our homes is so important.

As well as the obvious water damage that can occur with improperly maintained gutters, there are other hazards. Organic matter from the decay of leaves holds moisture, and moisture wreaks havoc in homes, deteriorating the guttering, surrounding walls and roof materials and even a home’s foundations, causing costly damage that will require repair. Organic matter that is not removed can also block downpipes, impairing their effectiveness and causing more flooding.

Some Roof Guttering can get so bad that it causes damage to your property.

Pooling water and organic matter can also promote the breeding of pests such as mosquitos, cockroaches and mice, leaving your home vulnerable to pest invasions. Grasses and plants can also take hold in the rich decaying matter and their roots can cause further destruction as they pry into the cracks and crannies.

Roof Gutters Need TLC

Roof Gutters should ideally be cleaned around twice a year, but some homes might need gutter cleaning more often due to excessive leaves falling from surrounding trees. It’s best to organise cleaning in the late autumn when the leaves have mostly fallen, and in spring when spring rains can wash debris into the gutters. Of course if you are surrounded by Australian bushland, leaves and branches will be falling all year round.

A quick visual check of your gutters will tell you if they need to be cleaned, but be aware that blocked downpipes may not be so obvious and check these as well. Installing gutter guards and pipes guards will also help to lessen the accumulation of plant material and prevent damage.

How To Clean Roof Guttering

Should you undertake guttering cleaning yourself or should you hire a professional? The job of cleaning your gutters can be a hard slog, and thoroughly checking and cleaning downpipes is a must for a comprehensive clean. If you do undertake the task of gutter cleaning yourself, ensure you aware of and adhere to good safety measures. Falls and accidents involving ladders in the home are common injuries and can be fatal.

As well as saving you the risk of injury and offering a comprehensive clean, an expert gutter cleaner can give tips and tricks to help prevent damage, suggest where improvements can be made in your gutter structuring or identify problem areas. Safety concerns aside, it’s best to hire a profession at least once a year to ensure the job is done thoroughly and extensive cleaning undertaken.

It’s always a good idea to clean & maintain you Roof Guttering. Your home will thank you for it.

As with everything, proper maintenance can save a lot of money in the long run, preventing costly roof repairs and stopping damage to gutters, downpipes and walls. It definitely pays to look after your often forgotten but very essential roof guttering.